Many of us have purchased jewelry to commemorate a special occasion in our lives. We’ve also purchased jewelry in the hopes that it serves as a great long-term investment while also enjoying its wear throughout the years. Some of us enjoy giving away our jewelry to our dear ones, whether we do so during our life-time or whether we designate it for when we’re no longer here. Some of us hold on to jewelry we know we won’t ever wear because we just don’t know what its fair market value is and how to even sell it in a discreet and professional manner. And so we wonder, what is the true worth of our jewelry pieces?

At Blackthorn Estate Buyers & Jewelers, we’re honored to be a resource of information. With over 30 years in the industry, we have created an extensive network of services and solutions that have consistently helped our clients make better, more informed decisions.

At Blackthorn Estate Buyers & Jewelers, we offer a number of jewelry buying and selling services to fit your needs; complete estate jewelry buying and appraisals of inherited estates.

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